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 Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)

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PostSubject: Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)   Fri May 13, 2011 4:05 pm

Oh hey there! I didn‘t see you come in! I thought, well we thought of doing something special for an introduction to the final story here! Be forewarned that this isn’t much of a serious story, nope just tying up loose ends and having fun, but regardless of this I hope you all have fun with it! This story will only be a day long occurrence type of deal, much like our Thanksgiving special, so don’t expect anything to big! Oh and also just because this is the last of the main story arch don’t you think for even a minute that we’ll slip into obscurity shortly after this!

No we’ll be back, yes like that damn doll which manages to constantly scare the living hell out of me (Ask Mr. Weathers, he’s knows precisely which doll I speak of) we’ll be back, and we’ll always be here to write this baby fur schlock up for you guys! Oh and not spoiling anything, but there are a few characters I wanted to use in these stories, so you may see me making a short story about Chimour being babysat by a certain super-motherly fox in the future, but well that’s all dependant on how I feel, and if my buddy will let me use her. (Don’t worry, I’m certain he will!)

Well I hope you enjoy the story, and have also enjoyed all of the previous installments in the series! I know my stories we’re constantly over the top, and self-indulgent, but I hope I didn’t annoy you any with all of that!

~ Chimour, & Dale (I’m crazy)

Cub Buddies (Xmas Special)

“Wake up little one, wake up!”. Janet said as she stood inside of her son’s bedroom, and over his crib.

“Wha’s up mommy?”. Chimour asked as he eventually came to, still half asleep as he slurred his speech a little.

“Silly boy did you really forget already?”. Janet asked giggling as she tussled her son’s head fur around.

“Hmm…? Oh… Oh!”. Chimour said springing up inside his bed, suddenly completely rejuvenated when he pieced together what day it was.

“That’s right, it’s Easter!”. Janet said playfully, seeing if she could trip her silly little boy up this morning.

“You lie mama! Hehe it’s Xmas!”. Chimour said jumping out of his bed, powered by sheer excitement alone.

“Aaaw him’s a clever little guy isn’t he?”. Janet asked playfully as she picked up her son who was in the middle of heading downstairs.

“What’s up mommy?”. Chimour asked, looking at her curiously, well until the smell hit his nose, and until he noticed his diaper felt a little heavier then usual.

“Not so fast little guy, I don’t think it’d be very festive of you to get a diapee rash, and leak all over the house today”. Janet said playfully as she gently set her son down onto the changing table.

“I-I knew that, hehe was just testing ya!”. Chimour said as his mother unsnapped the crotch of the sleeper he was currently wearing.

“Don’t fib little guy, I know better then that”. Janet said giggling as she helped his legs through the opening she had made for them after unsnapping her son. “Besides I know you can’t tell sometimes whether your messy or not after just waking up, your big brother told me so”. Janet said smiling as she began working on getting out some more changing supplies now that her son’s girly, pink Pawpers were visible, and accessible.

“Well when are we going to exchange presents?”. Chimour asked curiously as his mother placed a container of baby powder, some wipes, and some diaper cream down onto the changing table.

“Well it’s a bit unorthodox, but we planned on doing it later during the evening since like I told you last week we’re going to be having a little Xmas party with a few of your friends, and their care takers. It’s better this way because I can get to know a few of them while we exchange presents, oh and maybe you can introduce me to your girlfriend then?”. Janet asked as she stood there tapping the padded changing table with her right index finger. “Um… Hey stinky butt what kind of diapee do you want me to tape you into?”. Janet asked curiously.

“I’m thinking cloth-backed vintage Pawpers”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah okay! Heh you’ve got a lot of diapers you know that? So many different kinds…”. Janet said as she looked around, underneath the changing table before she picked out a package of what her son had asked for, noting the silly little batty modeling the diapers on the front of the package.

“Yeah I love variety! And well I’m allowed it too since diapees aren’t as expensive as they used to be”. Chimour said giggling as his mommy opened the package, and took out one of the diapers before placing the rest of them aside.

“Yeah they sure are, I mean at these prices you get twice the diapers, for a third the price of what we got for you when you were about four, or five! Heh just means I can keep my little boy happy, and padded that much more easily, especially so when he get’s discounts on them for being a poster child for Pawpers”. Janet said giggling as she set the diaper somewhere close by before finally beginning work on changing her son.

“Hehe yeah…”. Chimour said blushing a little, but happy all the same as his mother untapped the front of his diaper, and held the front out for him to act like a shield, an excellent move on her part since her little one had a little something left over which he had eventually began emptying out into his Pawpers.

“So how much does it pay to be a silly little diapee butt on camera, and during photo shoots?”. Janet asked chuckling as her son had soon finished, prompting her to take down the front completely now as she took up baby wipe in paw, and began to gently wipe her little one’s soggy front.

“It pays really nicely! Every time they use my image I get paid for it, and they make a habit of sending me coupons for discounts on their diapers like you said earlier! I get free packs for doing photo shoots, and commercials! And I typically go in to work every other Saturday, well at least now I do since they know I’ve started going to school here, and well yeah”. Chimour said smiling.

“Have you been saving up your money?”. Janet asked curiously as she finished cleaning up her little boy’s front, putting the used wipes aside before taking up some more baby wipes in paw, lifting up his bottom, and now going to work on gently cleaning it.

“Yup, for a long time now too!”. Chimour said smiling as his mommy continued wiping his bottom.

“Did you get someone anything for Xmas?”. Janet asked curiously as she finished wiping her little boy’s bottom, taking the diaper out from underneath him before putting the used wipes into it, taping it up, and tossing it into the diaper pail.

“Of course! I got loads of people presents!”. Chimour said happily as his mommy unfolded his newest diaper, lifting up his bottom before soon sliding it underneath him, before threading his tail through the back, and before gently lowering his bottom back down.

“Oh? Well who did you get presents for?”. Janet asked curiously as she powdered up her paws, lifted up her little boy’s bottom again, and went to work on powdering his backside.

“I’m not saying! It’s a secret!”. Chimour said happily as his mother continued powdering him up.

“Fair enough”. Janet said chuckling a little as she finished powdering her son’s bottom, lowering said bottom gently back down prior to powdering up her paws again, and going to work on powdering up her little boy’s front.

“Hey dear I’ve already called up all of the guests you wanted me to!”. Brad said walking in on them.

“Good, it’s a bit early, but good”. Janet said smiling as she finished powdering up her son’s front, now bringing the front of his diaper over his freshly powdered front prior to taping it on him nice, and snug.

“Hi daddy!”. Chimour said smiling happily as he noticed his father standing there out of the corner of his eye.

“Hey there little guy! Did you sleep well last night?”. Brad asked smiling.

“Uh huh I slept extra well last night!”. Chimour said smiling happily as his mother picked him back up, and stood him up onto his feet before soon going to work on removing his sleeper.

“I’d hope so seeing how long you slept for!”. Brad said chuckling.

“How long I slept for?”. Chimour asked curiously as his mother successfully undressed him out of his sleeper.

“It’s four in the afternoon”. Brad said smiling.

“Darn it! That means I missed the Xmas special of Super Paws!”. Chimour said pouting a little.

“Don’t worry about it little guy, I woke up extra early and taped it for you”. Brad said smiling while Janet busied herself with picking out an outfit for her son to wear.

“Really?! Oh thank you daddy!”. Chimour said happily as he ran over to, and snuggled his daddy.

“No problem little guy, I knew how much seeing that special meant to you”. Brad said smiling as he tussled his son’s head fur a little.

“Hey diapee butt which pair of your overalls do you want me to dress you in?”. Janet asked curiously.

“I’ll wear a pair of my black ones today!”. Chimour said happily.

“Okay then”. Janet said smiling as she picked out a matching baby tee, and made her way over to him.

“So when’ll the guests be here, and who did you all invite?”. Chimour asked curiously as he raised up his arms, prompting his mommy to pull the shirt over his head, and eventually bring it down, and over his belly button.

“Oh well we invited your girlfriend Jessica, and her family over, but only Jessica will be coming since Mrs. Hawthorne, and Jeffery have their own plans in mind for today. We also invited Warren, Lig, Zee-Zee, Zena, Kit, Red, Nathaniel, Skippa, Zoe, and Selanine, all of which will be coming over”. Janet said as she held her son’s overalls open for him, prompting him to step into them, prompting her to pull them up, and start working on the straps. “And they’ll all be here about another hour from now, well except for maybe Selanine, she sounded pretty eager to drop by, so she may do so earlier then expected”. Janet said as she finished dressing her son, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hehe well what about Zee-Zee’s dad, Samantha, Trixie, Kako, Vincent, Edger, Kat, and the rest of them?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“All busy I’m afraid to say, especially Zed since he’s got to look after Tizzy back at home, but well there is a silver lining here. If all those people weren’t busy for today we’d be worse off for catering then we already are right now”. Janet said sighing since she had to work pretty hard to get everything ready for all of these people.

“Ah okay… Hey who are the ones coming over again?”. Chimour asked giggling mischievously.

“To many to name off without getting winded”. Janet said chuckling.

“Well it was worth a shot. By the way where’s big brother?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“He’s busy decorating downstairs”. Janet said smiling.

“Which reminds me I better go tend to the food before it starts burning! See the two of you later!”. Brad said hurrying down the stairs, and back towards the kitchen.

“Well kiddo what do you want to do while we wait for the guests to arrive?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Hmm… Can I watch the Xmas special of Super Paws daddy recorded for me?”. Chimour asked curiously as he quickly fetched the presents he was storing inside of his closet before returning back to his mommy.

“Sure thing, while you’re watching that I’ll busy myself with helping your father with the food! You can’t trust the man alone in the kitchen, especially not with to much spicy stuff since he tends to go overboard”. Janet said giggling. “Do you need help with carrying all those presents by the way?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Nah, I’m fine. Hehe I’ve decided that I’d put them underneath the tree sooner rather then later since I won‘t forget about them that way”. Chimour said smiling as he waited for his mother to pick him back up.

“Ah well okay if you say so”. Janet said giggling as she picked her little boy back up, making her way towards the living room downstairs.

And so eventually they soon reached the living room, Chimour being stood back up onto his own feet as he scurried over to the tree, and put the presents underneath it along with the rest of them before soon making himself comfy on the couch as his mommy put in the recorded Xmas special for him prior to getting to work with helping her husband.

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location Selanine was busy enchanting a necklace of hers which she had previously slipped on, this necklace’s charm automatically dressing her when she changes into her anthropomorphic form. It was a simple procedure for the being of pure magic to say the least, and so with that finished off she went, traveling via warp gate over to the front door of their house, knocking on the door with one of her nine tails. Since everyone else was to busy to answer the door Chimour paused his show, got up, and answered it himself, smiling when he saw just who it was that was knocking.

“Oh hey Selanine!”. Chimour said smiling happily as he ushered the magical foxy on in.

“Hey there dear”. Selanine said smiling warmly as she made it inside, and transformed into her anthropomorphic form. “So where are your parents, and big brother?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“My big brother is somewhere putting up decorations, and mom, and dad are in the kitchen cooking”. Chimour said.

“Hmm… Smells like Skippa would really appreciate your parents sense of taste”. Selanine said, her acute sense of smell picking up on the excess amount of spices coming from the kitchen.

“Oh no… Mom wasn’t quick enough…”. Chimour said face-palming.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine”. Selanine said smiling.

“Well let’s hope so, I have bad memories from hundreds of years ago of one night when my dad made the food so hot, and so salty that it made me horribly ill, and well I’ve obviously never been potty trained since yeah, so of course by default I hadn’t done so back then. So yeah upset stomach, diaper dependant… You do the math”. Chimour said.

“I see your point… Well lets hope Iron Chef Diarrhea didn’t mess it up to badly this time around”. Selanine said chuckling a little as Bellfry walked into the room.

“Oh hello Selanine! Here to help us set up the party?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Yeah sure, I can help a little”. Selanine said as she walked over to Bellfry.

“Okay good, I could use your help with hanging a few decorations!”. Bellfry said smiling as he walked off with Selanine.

“Have fun you two! Oh and big brother don’t let her catch you under the mistletoe!”. Chimour said giggling mischievously as he made his was back to the couch, and continued watching his show.

"Don't worry Bellfry". Selanine giggled. "I plan to catch him under it later". She added real quick while they were still in earshot.

“Hey! I heard that!”. Chimour said pouting at them briefly before returning back to his show.

Well all good things must come to an end, and so the previously unaired Xmas special of Super Paws eventually came to it’s end, leaving Chimour sighing since now he had nothing to keep him from getting lonely. Well Selanine was still busy helping out Bellfry, and none of the other guests had arrived yet, and so Chimour got up, and off of the couch as he went back upstairs to go fetch a certain something he had left inside of his crib. Eventually he had made it back into his room as he promptly began searching his crib after lowering the bars down, finding what he had been looking for as he took his teddy bear out of the crib, and gave the bear a quick snuggle before going back into the living room alongside him. Much to Chimour’s surprise though as soon as he made it back into the living room there was a knock at the door, and so he scurried on over to the front door, along with his teddy bear of course, as he answered it, super happy to see who exactly had been knocking at the door.

“Hiya!”. A certain super-friendly buddy of Chimour’s greeted, waiting for the silly batty to usher him, and the two people he came here with inside.

“Hehe hey Nate! Please you three, come on inside!”. Chimour said as he stepped back from the door, allowing them the space to do just that.

“Merry Christmas buddy!”. Nate said as he walked on inside and gave the silly batty a hug.

“Hehe like wise!”. Chimour said giggling as he snuggled Nate back.

“Where are your parents, and your big brother?”. Skippa asked, setting down the presents he had brought with him underneath the tree.

“Mommy, and daddy are busy cooking the food, but they should be mostly done by now… As for my big brother he may still be setting up the decorations with Selanine”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah okay”. Skippa said smiling.

“So buddy what’s it like having your parents back around the house again?”. Nate asked curiously.

“It’s great! Mom, and dad can afford shopping for food these days since the prices of various non-edibles we need to live aren’t as horribly jacked as they were after the war so many years ago, so in short no more of my father having to hunt for food!”. Chimour said happily.

“Sounds great!”. Nate said smiling goofily.

“Uh huh! I hated eating wild life when I was a little guy, still can’t stand the thought of it!”. Chimour said sticking his tongue out.

“When you were a little guy? Funny you still seem pretty little to me”. Zoe commented teasingly.

“Ha ha, very funny! I meant back when I was really little, like only four, or five”. Chimour said pouting playfully.

“Well speaking of food what’re we having?”. Nate asked curiously.

“Umm… Think we decided on baked chicken, honey-baked ham, mashed potatoes, and gravy, sweet peas, black olives, and cranberry sauce. Oh yeah and for those who want it we got eggnog!”. Chimour said smiling happily.

“Mmm… Sounds good!”. Nate said smiling.

“It should be, well if daddy didn’t fudge it up with adding to many spices”. Chimour said.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little kick”. Skippa said.

“From an earlier comment Selanine made I’d say your just as guilty as my father is when it comes to being overzealous with how spicy you make the food”. Chimour said playfully.

“Hey I don’t always over do it!”. Skippa said in defense of his culinary skills.

“I don’t dear, I mean with how much hot root you use no one could shake your hand without getting some on theirs”. Zoe teased.

Chimour would’ve stuck around to hear Skippa’s reaction to that, but duty called once again as their was a knocking at the front door which Chimour needed to attend to. And so the silly batty opened the door for whoever had been knocking as he soon stood face to face with Zena, and her three eldest kids, Zee-Zee, Kit, and Red.

“Hey there!”. Red said running on in, as she snuggled Chimour.

“Hehe hey there Red!”. Chimour said snuggling her back before soon ushering in the rest of the squirrelly family.

And so the rest of them soon came in, Zee-Zee placing a few presents underneath the tree alongside his mother who also had brought in a few presents.

“Merry Christmas Chimour!”. Kit said smiling as she looked around the house.

“Merry Xmas to you too Kit!”. Chimour said smiling.

“So how have you been bat boy?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Oh I’ve been fine, no better then fine! I’ve been fantastic!”. Chimour said overjoyed. “Hehe how’ve you been?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Oh I’ve been great too!”. Zee-Zee said, having had three dry nights in a row now, happy since this meant he was getting there to being out of diapers for good, although a little sad because he didn’t really want to progress back out of them so quickly, but well that second emotion was more of a subconscious thing he felt.

“Hey Chimour where are your parents, and your big brother?”. Zena asked.

“Well Bellfry is off somewhere in the house with Selanine putting up decorations, well maybe, he might of finished already. And mommy, and daddy are, or at least they may still be cooking the food in the kitchen”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah okay”. Zena said nodding as there yet again was another knock on the door, prompting Chimour the butler to soon open said door, and stand there face to face with the liger brothers Lig, and Warren.

“Hey Pinky!”. Lig greeted happily, wearing what Chimour recognized as his man-skirt.

“Narf! Hehe hey there skirt-boy!”. Chimour said giggling as he ushered the two of them in.

“Kilt! Manly Kilt! MANLY!”. Lig said pouting overtime at Chimour as he stood there inside of the house.

“He‘s just a cute cross-dresser from cross-dressing Croatia-ah-haa!”. Chimour said giggling mischievously.

“Oh hush you!”. Lig said fed up with Chimour constantly teasing him over his kilt.

And so now the only one still absent from the party was Chimour’s girlfriend Jessica. Chimour kept waiting for her at the door, but still there was no knocking at said door. Chimour kept waiting regardless, their Xmas feast now about ready to start. Well Bellfry had talked him into sitting down with the rest of them to eat, and just as soon as he sat down there came a faint knocking from the front door.

“Seesh now she gets here!”. Chimour said jumping up from his seat as he scurried towards to door, soon opening it wide as he soon stood there, standing face to face with his girlfriend.

“Sorry for being so late, but I forgot to get you a little something for today, and well yeah”. Jessica said smiling as she handed Chimour the present she had got for him.

“Hehe thank you! Don’t worry by the way I got you something as well, it’s underneath the tree there!”. Chimour said smiling as he snuggled his girlfriend happily, Selanine levitating a left over piece of mistletoe over their heads.

“Mistletoe…”. Jessica said as she was the first to notice it hovering there.

“Selanine must’ve done this…”. Chimour said looking back at the tricky kitsune who playfully smiled right back as Jessica took some lipstick out of her purse, and applied it to her lips while Chimour’s back was turned. “Sorry about that, not trying to embarrass-”. Chimour said turning back around as he was suddenly cut off by Jessica kissing him square on the lips.

It lasted about a minute or so, Chimour blushing pretty hard as he couldn’t help but bust into a fit of giggles.

“You’re not a bad kisser, need a little practice, but not bad for your first time”. Jessica said giggling as she took Chimour by the paw, and led him back towards the dining room table where they soon sat back down prior to Brad, and Janet coming out of the kitchen with the food, and with an electric carving knife which they soon began using to carve up everyone some baked ham, and backed chicken.

And so soon the feast began, well right after Chimour picked his glass of soda up, and gave a toast.

“To absent friends!”. Chimour said giggling a little as he took a swig of his drink, and put it back down prior to promptly digging in.

The food was pretty spicy, but luckily it was still very much edible so for that everyone was thankful.

“So son are you going to tell me about this nice young lady friend of yours?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Sure! Mommy this is Jessica, I met her in the nurse’s office at school, and well what can I say? I pretty much fell for her immediately”. Chimour said giggling as he continued eating his food. “And Jessica this is my mommy, she and daddy were in this sort of dormant state when we found them, but luckily all I had to do to reanimate them from the blood crystals was just hold them so yeah here they are”. Chimour said smiling as he drained the rest of his soda.

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs., and Mr. Nightsyer”. Jessica said politely.

“The pleasure is all ours Jessica. We’re happy our son met such a nice girl, and we hope you stay together for many years”. Janet said smiling.

“For many years? For every year…”. Chimour said looking deep into Jessica’s eyes.

“Um… What’s wrong cubby?”. Jessica asked since Chimour never stared at her that intently, and that seriously before.

“Look deep, deep into my eyes! You are getting very sleepy…”. Chimour said as he got up and walked behind Jessica, speaking in a very deep, and very fake Romanian accent.

“Hey son I noticed you’ve emptied your glass. Would you like some more soda?”. Janet asked curiously.

“I never drink… Soda”. Chimour said as he playfully nibbled Jessica’s neck.

“Stop that, it tickles!”. Jessica said giggling as she tried to resist Count Cubula.

“Well okay… The food’s probably getting cold anyways”. Chimour said as he sat down, and began eating once again. “And yes I would love some more soda mommy!”. Chimour said smiling as he responded to his mother’s previously unanswered question.

“Okay I’ll go get some more for you then”. Janet said smiling warmly as she left for the kitchen with Chimour’s glass, soon returning with it filled to the brim once more.

“Thanks mommy!”. Chimour said as his mother handed him back his glass, drinking from said glass as he continued eating his food.

Well eventually they had all soon finished up with the feast, there thankfully having been enough for everyone. And so with that out of the way it was now time to exchange presents as everyone soon walked back into the living room, and stood around the tree.

“I’d like to go first please!”. Chimour volunteered happily.

“Sure thing little guy”. Janet said smiling as Chimour took the presents he had boughten out from under the tree, giving one to Lig, to Nate, to his mommy, to his daddy, to Red, to Kit, and one more to Jessica.

“Thank you!”. Lig, Nate, Red, and Kit said happily in unison as they began unwrapping their presents.

“Aw… You didn’t have to little guy…”. Janet said smiling warmly.

“Yeah, but I wanted to! I wanted you guys to better understand how happy you’ve made me after only a month of being back to life, so I decided to get you something”. Chimour said smiling happily.

“Well it was a very nice gesture son, so thank you”. Brad said as he, and his wife began unwrapping their presents as well.

“So Jessica what do you think of your present?’. Chimour asked giggling.

“Haven’t opened it yet. You know you didn’t have to get me a present for Christmas… Thank you for getting me something though”. Jessica said smiling warmly as she unwrapped the present, gasping at what was inside. “You got me earrings!”. Jessica said marveling at how expensive they looked.

“Those are not cubic zirconium, those are real diamonds! I wanted to go that extra mile for you since I wanted you to know how much you meant to me. So I paid a hundred, or a couple of hundred for some really nice ones, nothing tacky or anything since I wanted only the best for you”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you!”. Jessica said, overjoyed as she snuggled Chimour closely to her.

“Um hey Jessica I need to talk to you about something… Outside if you’re okay with that?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Sure thing!”. Jessica said smiling as she went over to the door, Chimour stopping her half way. “What’s up?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“Do you have your cell phone with you?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yeah I always have it with me incase of emergencies”. Jessica said smiling.

“Okay let’s go then”. Chimour said opening the door, and going outside with Jessica as he left the others to exchange presents without him.

“So what did you want to talk about with me where no one could hear us?”. Jessica asked after re-shutting the door.

“Very few things in this world are forever, I will always be, while you’ll wither, and decay…”. Chimour said. “Don’t be offended though please, I did not come out here to flaunt my immortality over you, no I came out here with an offer”. Chimour said.

“What kind of offer?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“I want to turn you, to transfer some of my essence into you so that you’ll live forever alongside me”. Chimour said.

Jessica had nothing to say to that, and just remained quiet as she let Chimour continue.

“I’m not being silly here like I was in the dining room, I actually can make you like me, I mean you won’t turn into a vampire bat fur, nor will you grow wings, but you’ll be able to live forever just the same”. Chimour said.

“I don’t know… What else would happen as a result of this transformation?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“Well there are a few side effects… Like for one your eyes would change color to entirely crimson, you’d have a hunger for blood, although not a fatal one, and you would in time grow a set of small fangs”. Chimour said. “I wanted to make sure you had your cell phone with you since the transformation comes with an irreversible cosmetic change, and you know how distraught parents can get after their child does something like that behind their backs”. Chimour said.

“Well I’m still not sure myself yet… Like what do you mean by a non-fatal hunger for blood?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“I mean you can live with the stuff, or without it, you won’t die from lack of blood. Drinking some monthly though will bare incredibly results, like if you didn’t drink the blood you’d be of normal strength, but by drinking it on a monthly basis you can become super strong like me”. Chimour said.

“And either way I could live forever along side you?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“Yes, if you wanted to”. Chimour said.

“I’ll do it! I gotta call my mom up about it, and talk to her about it, but I’m doing it”. Jessica said as she took out her cell phone, and called her house.

“Now don’t be so hasty, when you become immortal you‘ll have to bare the pain of seeing your friends, and your family die without you, you‘ll be alone with only me, and my family left alive”. Chimour said.

“It’s okay cubby, I’ve already figured that much out, and I’m still willing to go through with it even though I know this”. Jessica said smiling as her mother finally picked up the phone at the house, prompting Jessica to start talking to her mother about it.

“So what did they say?”. Chimour asked a few minutes later when Jessica turned off her phone.

“Well Jeffery thought it was pretty cool, and asked me if I could ask you to turn him as well. Mom was okay with it too, just told me not to make any hasty decisions, but I’ve already thought this out well enough I think so I’m ready whenever you are”. Jessica said smiling.

“Okay this won’t hurt a bit”. Chimour said smiling warmly as he got behind her, and started doing it, her eyes closing when he started.

A few minutes passed as he did this, but soon he had finished, getting back in front of her as she opened her eyes, and looked up at him, said eyes now just as blood-red as his were.

“I’d call that a success! So, um… How do you feel?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I feel… Different. I can’t place my finger on it, but I feel different. Also you were right, it was completely painless”. Jessica said smiling as she kissed Chimour on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about that, you’ll get used to how it feels”. Chimour said giggling as he kissed her back.

And so with that the two of them went back inside, seven presents left around the tree when they entered.

“Welcome back you two”. Warren said as Chimour re-closed the door before standing back around the tree with the rest of them.

“Hehe thanks Mr. Weathers!”. Chimour said smiling happily. “So who are the last seven presents for?”. Chimour asked curiously since it seemed like a bit much for them to all be his.

“Six of them are for you, one is for Jessica”. Brad said smiling.

“Hmm? I got another present?”. Jessica asked curiously, wondering who this one was from.

“Yup. Me, and Janet wanted to give you something, and so we did”. Brad said, noting the color of Jessica’s eyes, chuckling as he did so.

“What’s funny?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“Oh nothing, just can’t wait until the wedding”. Brad said chuckling a little bit more since he knew if his son did that to Jessica he’d probably end up marrying her.

“Th-thank you”. Jessica said blushing a little as she picked up her gift and opened it up, happy to find that it was yet another piece, of pricey looking jewelry, this time a gold necklace.

And so after thanking the both of them Jessica stood back, and watched as Chimour unwrapped his own presents. Chimour got a copy of “Wakko’s Wish” from Lig, a couple of cds from Bellfry, a new black coat from his father, a new pair of black leather boots from his mother, a stylish looking fedora from Jessica, and some black leather gloves from Selanine.

“Thanks everyone for the gifts!”. Chimour said happily, although a little upset looking as he turned to Selanine. “Um… Selanine?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yes sweetie?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“I didn’t get you anything, is there anything you want?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Don’t worry about to much about it, just a hug, and an ‘I love you’ will suffice”. Selanine said smiling.

“Okay!”. Chimour said scurrying over to her, and hugging her. “I love you!”. Chimour said smiling.

“I love you too”. Selanine said giggling as she hugged him back.

And so a few minutes after that and it was time for everyone to leave, everyone having had a great time at the party before they did so, and went back to their respective houses. It was an Xmas to remember that was for sure as Chimour was changed one last time that night, dressed back into his sleeper, and tucked into his crib along with his teddy bear, and a bottle of milk.

The End!

(Thank you guys for reading all of this baby fur schlock, thank you for putting up with my sometimes half-assed story-telling ways, thank you Rio for being there to answer questions I might of had while writing some of these stories, oh and thank you Lig for helping me with this story, and all of the others in this series!)

(P.s. Sorry some of the cameos didn’t get many speaking parts…)
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PostSubject: Re: Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)   Fri May 13, 2011 11:07 pm

Nice Job Chimour. ^^ Especially with all the cameos you had to work in. *huggles*


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PostSubject: Re: Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)   Sat May 14, 2011 3:05 am

Another very cute story, little batty! *hugs*

Clever big squirrel!

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Zee-Zee wrote:
Another very cute story, little batty! *hugs*
Tanks you! *Giggles, and snuggles super-happily*
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PostSubject: Re: Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)   Sun May 15, 2011 10:28 pm

This should just about cover the feelings for this story. ^.^ *tackleglomps a batty*
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PostSubject: Re: Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)   

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Cub Buddies (Xmas Special) (Finished)
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