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 Batty Ballet (Finished)

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PostSubject: Batty Ballet (Finished)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:50 pm


“Okay girls now just as we rehearsed!” Instructed miss Lilly, her girls all falling in line with the one exception of a boy clad in a frilly pink tutu, his extra thick Pawpers rustling beneath.

“W-why did mommy sign me up for this? …O-oh geeze, I’m just so nervous!”. He whispered to himself, shaking all over from the anxiety of it all.

“…Dear when I tell my girls to go out on stage, and give it their all I mean you as well”. Miss Lilly said, kneeling down as she tried to comfort him a little, figuring this first recital was going to be hell on his nerves.

Now you may be wondering how this all came about… Well it’s something of a long story, and I don’t want any of you cubbies out there to miss out on some of the finer details so let us just start this thing off from the beginning…


It was a nice and breezy Friday in the middle of summer break as Chimour laid there getting his diaper changed by Jessica who had decided to come over to his house for something of a play-date that day. It was so relaxing as he laid there with the sun beaming down on them through one of the nearby windows, the sweet scent of baby powder lulling him off to sleep before Jessica had even finished up with him.

“Silly little boy”. Jessica giggled as she finished powdering Chimour up, the front of his diaper being brought up to just under his belly button as Jessica taped it into place, and picked him up with the greatest of ease. “Heh I got to admit… The super strength does come in handy pretty often when I’m spending time with you”. Jessica giggled as she sat down on the nearby couch with him still in her arms.

“So how are you two doing there? Any of you need changing?”. Janet asked casually as she walked over to the couch, a basket of laundry in her arms.

“We’re doing just fine. Also nope, but thanks for offering”. Jessica said, smiling warmly down at Chimour as she tussled the soundly sleeping bat-butts head-fur around a little.

“Ah okay… Hey is he sleeping?”. Janet asked curiously as she tried looking over Jessica’s shoulder to see for herself.

“Yup. While I was changing him he just kinda dosed off… This works out fine for me though since I’ve got to go home soon, got lots of stuff to do today, and I have to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow”. Jessica said as she gave Chimour a loving peck on the lips.

“Oh? May I ask why?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Well I’ve been taking ballet since I was six, and on Saturdays I have to attend my classes”. Jessica said.

“Ah I see…”. Janet said. “…Um hey can boys take ballet at this school of yours?”. Janet asked curiously.

“I guess, although I don’t believe that happens very often”. Jessica said. “Why? You want to sign bat boy here up for ballet lessons?”. Jessica asked, giggling a little.

“Yeah, why not? I took ballet when I was a little girl, and I figure he’d at least like to try it”. Janet said.

“Hmm, okay… You’ll want to have it arranged before tomorrow so if I were you I’d look up the school in the phone book, and give them a call”. Jessica said. “Also the school is called ‘The Flamboyant Flamingo’ “. Jessica said.

“Heh I can’t wait to tell Chimour about it once he wakes up”. Janet giggled.

“Speaking of which perhaps you should take him off of my paws now? I mean he’s cute, and everything, but I really should be getting back home now”. Jessica said as she got back up, and off of the couch.

“Oh sure thing”. Janet said as she set the basket of laundry down, and took Chimour from her.

Well eventually Jessica’s mother came by and picked her up from the Nightsyer residence, leaving Chimour there with just his mommy, his father still not off work yet.

“How bout we go put the little guy down for awhile inside of his crib, hmm?”. Janet giggled as she made her way into his room, and did just that. “Sweet dreams baby butt”. Janet cooed as she gave Chimour a peck on the cheek, and covered him up extra snug with his teddy bear.

However just as soon as Janet tried to leave his room she started to hear some faint murmuring coming from his crib...

“M-mommy?”. Chimour asked, yawning as he snuggled up closer into his teddy bear.

“Yes little one?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Where’s Jessica? Did she go home?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yup, she said something about having lots to do back home, and well yeah”. Janet said, giggling a little as her son started sucking on his thumb.

“Oh I thee…”. Chimour said, yawning a little more as he promptly fell back to sleep again.

“Little cutie”. Janet giggled as she left the room, and closed the door all the way since it wasn’t night time yet, and so she knew that he wouldn’t need his night light for the time being. “Anyways lets get back to doing some laundry then”. She said as she walked back into the living room, picked up the basket of laundry, and made her way towards the laundry room where she put Chimour’s dirtied cloth diapers into one of the washing machines, and put their clothes into the other.

And once she had set the settings on both the machines it was off to the kitchen where, after scrounging around a little, she found her phone book.

“Alrighty then! Lets see if we can’t get him enrolled…”. Janet said as she looked for the school in the book, promptly dialing the number once she had found it.

“Hello?”. Answered another female fur on the other line.

“Hi! I was wondering if it wasn’t to late to sign my little one up for ballet at your school miss…?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Miss Lilly, and no, of course not!”. Miss Lilly said. “I’m always eager to teach my girls what I know, and well one more little ballerina in training wouldn’t be to much more on my plate”. Miss Lilly said, her voice resonating with exuberance.

“I’m glad to hear it! Do you think I could have him start tomorrow?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Him? Oh another sissy huh?”. Miss Lilly asked, giggling a little to herself. “Over here at the Flamboyant Flamingo we do not carry anything for boys since it was once originally an all girl school”. Miss Lilly explained.

“Meaning he’d have to wear what all the rest of my girls wear since I want it to remain an all girl school at heart, even if some of my girls weren’t born that way”. Miss Lilly giggled.

“Heh well that works too since he is a pretty big sissy”. Janet giggled.

“Good in that case you can bring him down to the school for his first lesson tomorrow. We will discuss payment later”. Miss Lilly said.

“Ah well hey how much is this going to cost?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Well it depends on how much I like your kid, but even if I don’t like him my fee will still be pretty modest”. Miss Lilly said. “I don’t charge much more then five dollars a month since I love teaching so much, and because my family’s wealthy”. Miss Lilly said.

“Wow… I spend more money on diapers per month so this should work out rather nicely I think”. Janet said, her voice brimming with excitement.

“And that’s just what I usually charge, for your kid it may be less. Also while we’re on the subject you should make sure that you pack your child’s bag with some extra thick diapers before bringing him over here since he may need to wait awhile before being changed”. Miss Lilly said.

“Oh? How come?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Well the school is ran by me, and my sisters, and so there’s never more then five furs on hand at once”. Miss Lilly said. “That and I’ve currently got over twenty five students, all of them in diapers”. Miss Lilly said.

“Ah I see…Well anyways thanks for everything, and I hope to see you soon”. Janet said, giggling a little as she soon hung up the phone.

And so Janet busied herself as she went about cleaning the place up, eagerly looking forward to dinner where she’d tell her baby boy all about his enrollment in the Flamboyant Flamingo…

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Number of posts : 691
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Batty Ballet (Finished)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:57 am


“YOU DID WHAT?!”. Chimour exclaimed, damn near spitting his royal crown cola out when he heard the news.

“I knew you’d be excited when you heard the news!”. Janet laughed, warmly tussling her son’s head fur.

“This isn’t funny…”. Chimour said, his face lighting up like a Christmas tree light.

“Aaaaw… Don’t get all down in the dumps over it little guy, I mean you’ve been around gaggles of giggling girls before while all dolled up, so I mean why should this time be any different?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Because…”. Chimour said, trailing off a little.

“Because what?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Because I can’t dance mommy… I’ll just make a fool out of myself…”. Chimour said, his face as red as a cherry the more he thought about it.

“Well then all the more reason for you to learn ballet! If you never try to learn then you’ll never get any better at it”. Janet said.

“D-daddy?”. Chimour asked, looking at his father with pleading eyes.

“Sorry little one, but your mommy’s got a point… You can’t be afraid of failure if you want to get ahead in this world”. Brad said.

“I… I guess you’re right daddy…”. Chimour said as he tried to calm himself down a little.

“Don’t worry about it, and hey if you don’t like your first day at the Flamboyant Flamingo then I’ll pull you out”. Janet said.

“Well… Okay”. Chimour said, cheering up a little when his mother told him that.

“So then you going to eat your chicken, or can I have it?”. Brad teased.

“No, I’ll eat it”. Chimour said as he dug into his meal, contently swallowing bite after yummy bite after he was done chewing all the flavor out of the grilled chicken breast.

And so skipping ahead a little Chimour awoke from inside of his crib the very next morning, his diaper squishing wetly, and messily beneath the weight of his bottom.

“Good you’re awake I see!”. Janet said, dashing into his room as soon as she heard him sit up in his crib.

“Hey mommy!”. Chimour giggled, yawning a little as he clutched his teddy bear closely to his bare chest.

“We’ve got to get going now!”. Janet said, taking the side of his crib down as she promptly picked him up, and placed him down onto the nearest changing table, popping the tapes on his dirty diaper with him still clutching his teddy bear to his chest.

“W-what’s up? You usually give me a little while to bask in my filled diapers…”. Chimour whined, not used to his mornings being so frantic and rushed.

“No time for that, have less then thirty minutes left!”. Janet said, taking up a baby wipe as she began to quickly wipe up her son’s soggy pelvic region until a certain someone’s “fountain of youth” woke back up, and squirted her in the face.

“I-I’m sorry!”. Chimour said, his face as red as a beet as his mother promptly wiped her face off before going back to work.

“Not your fault, I usually give you a little while before I start cleaning you up so it‘s on me… Literally”. Janet sighed as she finished wiping his front up, and removed her now wet t-shirt leaving her shirt-less with only her bra covering her breasts now.

“…So any reason why you’re in such a hurry?”. Chimour asked curiously as his legs were promptly lifted up over his head, and as his mother started to vigorously clean up his bottom.

“I already told you silly! We’ve got less then thirty minutes left until school starts!”. Janet said, still panicking as she wiped up her son’s dirty bottom as quickly as she could before taking the diaper out from underneath him, and before disposing of the used padding, and of the used wipes.

“…But today’s a Saturday…”. Chimour said, although the sudden redness in his face gave it away that he was only playing dumb.

“…Nice try kiddo”. Janet said as she picked out one of her son’s extra-thick, sissy-pink disposables with lace, and frills all over it, elevated her son’s backside, laid the diaper beneath him, threaded his tail through the back of said diaper, and quickly powdered him up before snuggly taping the diaper on around his waist. “There… Now lets go!”. Janet said as she lifted Chimour back up, and as she then made a mad dash towards her room to get a new shirt.

And so once that was done she opened the front door, and sped off towards the car where Chimour was quickly strapped securely into his car seat, the car-doors re-locked, and re-closed as Janet soon turned on the ignition, pulling out of the drive-way before speeding down the road towards the school.

“Good morning class!” Miss Lilly said, standing before about thirty-something students, Chimour definitely being the odd-one out, and not because he was the only one not wearing anything over his diapers.

“Good morning Miss Lilly!” The whole class, excluding Chimour, said in unison.

“Well class as you may’ve figured out already I’ve decided to take on a new student who um apparently didn’t have enough time to get fully dressed before coming here”. Miss Lilly giggled, Chimour’s face lighting up with embarrassment.

“Come Chimour, stand before me, and introduce yourself to the rest of the class. Once that is done we will get you dressed, and ready for your first lesson”. Miss Lilly said, Chimour hesitantly obeying her as he soon stood in front of the rest of his peers.

“H-hello everyone… My name is Chimour Nightsyer, and my mom thought it’d be a good idea to enroll me at this school…”. Chimour said, blushing a little as mostly every girl in the room began giggling at him.

“I like your diaper!” One girl shouted.

“Princess Pawpers right?”. Another one asked.

“Y-yes… … Gee I guess I’m still a little shy around girls when I dunno who they are…”. Chimour whispered quietly to himself.

“Don’t stress over it to much or you may wet yourself!” One of the other girls shouted, giggling as Chimour’s face grew a little redder.

“Now Sarah cut it out… You’re embarrassing the widdwe sissy batty…”. Jessica giggled, joining in as Chimour started looking down at the ground to try, and avoid direct eye contact.

“Now girls… That’s enough don’t you think? I mean save some of your teasing for after he’s dressed, and ready for class”. Miss Lilly giggled as one of her sisters came into the room with a pink, and frilly ballet uniform in Chimour’s size.

“Is this the one?”. Her sister asked.

“Yes”. Miss Lilly said.

“Hmm pretty convenient for me that he came here without wearing anything else but his diapers”. She said, giggling as she came a little closer to him. “Okay little one I’m going to get you dressed, so just listen to whatever I say okay?”. She asked curiously.

“O-okay…”. Chimour said, his face still as red as a cherry as he did as he was told, and let her dress him.

“Aaaaw… That’s a good look for you baby butt!” Jessica giggled as she looked over her cubby little boyfriend as he now stood there dressed in a pink tutu, and top with his diaper bulge extremely obvious you anyone who even slightly paid attention.

“Th-thanks, I guess…”. Chimour said his face still beet red, especially now since he was about to have his first lesson.

“Okay then everyone I’m going to take a little time to tutor Chimour personally, so while I do that, and assess his ability I just want the rest of you to practice what we talked about last Saturday”. Miss Lilly said as her students acted accordingly, and as she took Chimour by the paw, and led him off into a separate room.

And so eventually they came back out, and Chimour joined up with the rest of the students, grinning from ear to ear since after his little private talk with his teacher he started to stop feeling as self-conscious about his actual dancing ability, and well maybe he would’ve started feeling more comfortable around his fellow class-mates if not for…

“D’aaaw… Did princess potty pants go and wet herself?”. One of the girls asked, giggling as Chimour’s face grew redder while his diaper grew warmer.

Yeah… Poor Chimour wasn’t going to stop being teased by these girls any time soon…
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PostSubject: Re: Batty Ballet (Finished)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:48 pm


“W-why are they all teasing me anyways? It’s not like they can keep their pants clean either…”. Chimour said as in waited in line to have his soggy, and now messy diaper changed.

“It’s probably because you’re a boy, and a cute one at that”. Jessica giggled as she sat down next to him in line, her own diaper squishing messily beneath the weight of her bottom.

“Yeah, but that still doesn’t make any… Wait a minute… Did you put them up to this?”. Chimour asked, pouting a little at his girlfriend.

“Well… I may’ve told a few dozen furs that you’d be taking ballet with us, and…”. Jessica said trailing off a little.

“And… What?”. Chimour asked her.

“…And that if they thought a bat-butt in a tutu sounded cute that they should try teasing him, since well… You’re cuter when you’re all embarrassed”. Jessica said, giggling a little as Chimour narrowed his eye brows, and pouted at her some more.

“That would explain it then…”. Chimour said sighing.

“Ah come on there little guy… I know you secretly love it, so stop acting all sad”. Jessica giggled as she leaned over and hugged him.

“D-do not!”. Chimour blurted out, his face growing a little redder as Jessica just laughed at him.

“Okay class that’ll be it for today! Also remember that we’ll be having a recital next week, I want to make sure you’re all ready for it when it comes up”. Miss Lilly said as the girls started gradually leaving the school once their parents began arriving to pick them up.

“…So how do you like him?”. Janet asked, whispering so that her son couldn’t hear her.

“Oh Chimour? He’s a nervous little tyke, but I think he shows promise. As for how much I like him, well… … I think I’ll only charge you three dollars a lesson for him”. Miss Lilly said.

“That much huh?”. Janet asked, giggling a little bit.

“Yup that much”. Miss Lilly giggled. “He really is a sweet boy, and well once we get him over his shakiness when dancing in front of others I’m sure he will do just fine”. Miss Lilly said.

“I’m glad to hear it!” Janet giggled as she made her way over to her son. “So I’ll pay you at the start of next month right?”. Janet asked curiously as she casually scooped her little boy up into her arms.

“Yup pretty much”. Miss Lilly said.

“Okay, just checking!”. Janet giggled as she carried her son out of the school and over to her car. “So little one how’d you enjoy your first day at school?”. Janet asked curiously as she began casually securing Chimour into his car seat.

“I had fun! …Just wish all the girls wouldn’t tease me so much…”. Chimour said, whispering that last part to himself.

“Aaaw… Don’t worry little guy, they only tease you cause you’re a little cutie!”. Janet giggled as she tickled Chimour’s feet a little.

“H-hey stop it!”. Chimour laughed, unable to blush while being tickled.

And so after days of preparation here we were as Chimour still couldn’t get over his stage fright, and as he still stood there in the back of the room watching all the other girls dance…

“…Dear when I tell my girls to go out on stage, and give it their all I mean you as well”. Miss Lilly said, kneeling down as she tried to comfort him a little, figuring this first recital was going to be hell on his nerves.

“B-but there’s so many people w-watching me…”. Chimour said, cowering under the weight of all their eyes.

“Dearie… You still don’t get it! Don’t you remember what I told you a week ago?”. Miss Lilly asked curiously.

“…You said that if I quit before I even try I’ve already lost”. Chimour said.

“That’s right! Now then don’t worry about it to much… This is your first recital so who cares if you fall on your butt a few times?”. Miss Lilly asked.

“Y-you’re right…”. Chimour said as he placed his best foot forward, and tried to follow the other girls lead.

…This ended up with him trying something he didn’t know how to pull off yet as he promptly landed back down onto his diapered bottom, his face beet red.

“…Thankfully we’re not doing solo recitals until next month”. Chimour whispered to himself, only imagining how much more embarrassing this’d be without the other girls to outshine him, and distract the furs in the crowd away from his constant failings.

And so he got back up, fell down, and then got back up again…

“This is ridiculous…”. Chimour said to himself as he kept pulling himself off of the dance floor, happy that despite his lack of dancing ability the people in the audience weren’t laughing at him like how he’d thought they’d be.

Well eventually he started to loosen up, and as a result he started doing a a lot better as he spun, leaped, and occasionally fell back down on his butt, but well it was all in good fun!

“I’m happy I didn’t give up on this”. Chimour thought to himself, a content smile plastered on his face as he kept on dancing, never giving up, and even looking forward to next month where he’d get to really show off what he could do…


(Also sorry for the rushed ending, but I didn’t want to drag out all the little details of him getting dressed, watching the other girls perform first, etc. … Pretty much why I decided on a group recital although a recital where it was just Chimour dancing probably would’ve had much more potential admittedly).
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PostSubject: Re: Batty Ballet (Finished)   

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Batty Ballet (Finished)
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