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 This Little Immortal Life.

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PostSubject: This Little Immortal Life.   Sun Sep 09, 2007 5:02 pm

Alright guys new story I've been working on while here. Now for now it's a stand alone short story. I might write more. I also did a drawing of the main character. I'll post that up when I get home. Anyway tell me what ya think.


This Little Immortal life.

Alright now how should I begin? Well I guess at the beginning huh? Well alright here it is. In the beginning here was a company called Zeus. Zeus developed a means of time travel. However it was prohibitively expensive. And it was found out that you could only go back in time and back to your point of departure. And as it turns out history can’t be changed. Well recorded history anyway. So Zeus renamed itself Dr. Zeus. They decided they’d collect “Lost” relics from all of human history. Only problem was they needed operitives to do this and they tended to complain about the rough ride coast effective time travel caused and it was a lot of money sending them back and forth. So Dr. Zeus decided the answer lie in something else it discovered. A way to make immortal people. But ya can’t sell it. You have to meet a lot of physical criteria to qualify and this also doesn’t work on middle aged millionaires. Only infants and really little children. But the process entailed a long process of surgeries and those millionaires, once learning what that entailed wouldn’t but there lil Lara or George Jr. through it. So what Dr. Zeus did was send some operitives back in time to the start of humanity. They took some lil baby Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals and indoctrinated them withal the culture of all human history and gave em the immortality treatment and handed over the keys. The immortals made more immortals when needed. Though not in the natural sense. They were all carefully sterilized. They selected babies from the mortal population and turned them immortal.

That’s how I came to be. Guess I should give ya my name now too. I’m Nent. I’m immortal. But I’m not your average immortal. They’re all physically adults. Even if some don’t act it. Ug. But I however am perpetually 8. Yeah and on top of that I’m half Neanderthal. Lucky me though I can still pass for regular human though. This lil story is about one of my episodes in the as it was called at the time the new world. Not long after America got it’s independence. It starts at a base called Free Land 1. Now lets begin shall we. Just stop me if you have questions kids.

“Nent come on can’t you push that departure time back a few days for me?” Griped an immortal. Fredric was his name. He’d just had half a year off. Before that he’d been doing work in England getting there side of the independence war.

“Listen Fredric you got six months off. And besides when have you ever pulled strings for anybody? Besides they need you in Africa now.” I told him. He was a fairly young immortal. Only two hundred. He was from France. He was lucky enough to survive the Inquisition.

“Awww come one pwease?” He asked and I glared at him. I usually don’t get the lil kid treatment. Most others know enough not to try it. I’m pretty old and I know my stuff.

“Don’t do that again or so help me your next assignment will be in Antarctica.” I told him sternly. But I then sighed. “I’ll put in a request for a one day posponmnet. I’ll say we need your skills to fix something here. Just remember. I’m ancient and I don’t like being patronized.

“Thanks. You won’t regret this. I’ll pay ya back somehow.” He said appreciatively.

“You wanna pay me back how about shipping me something from Old World 3 while your there. It’s an old painting on some dear skin in the hotel lobby. It belonged to my dad. Get that for me and I’ll be eternally grateful.” I told him. Which was true on all points.

“You got it Nent.” He said walking off. With that I sighed and checked the time. It was late afternoon by now. I decided to head back to my quarters. I walked along the path to the main office. I gotta say Free World 1 is a nice place. Beautiful gardens and loads of luxury stuff. It was kind of meant as a replacement for New World 1. I walked into the office and smiled at the native american girl sitting at the counter. She was mortal.

“Good afternoon Nent.” She told me in a cheery voice. She used to call me child of heaven. I asked her to just call me by my name. She eventually did. Mortals.

“Do I have anything on my schedule for the rest of today and tomorrow?” I asked her stretching. She looked over her screen.

“No Nent. Looks like you’ll have some free time.” She told me. I grinned and I knew she was fighting off a maternal smile of her own. I didn’t mind that from mortals. They didn’t know any better and usually when they did it there was genuine affection in them. I hated it though when most immortals did that. I say most cuz there are a few I actually like to see it from.

“Alright thanks.” I told her. I walked into my office and arranged an extra day here for Fred. Then I decided to head on home. As I walked the wind blew the …..well I guess it’s kina like a kilt almost. I like wearing it. It’s comfy. My shirt’s more like half a roman toga in the way it’s shaped. Eventually I made my way home. I walked in and flicked on some lights. Ah home. It was a nice loft on the top floor of one of our buildings. I walked into my special room. I smiled at it’s decoration. Pastel colors. Teddy bears across the top of the walls. Changing table and a big crib. Stuffed animals everywhere. Ah my sanctuary.

OK I should probably stop here for a moment and explain this to you. Yes my favorite room is a nursery. Why? Because I just like it. My mortal childhood wasn’t very nice. This is kind of compensation for it. I just love the feel of wrapping myself up in this kind of atmosphere and dreaming away. If that distant future is the haven they say it is I’ll enjoy doing this full time. Your probably thinking one other thing though. Changing table? Well yes. Diapers are a big part of the experience. I just about always wear one. I may not use it but I wear it. And very few immortals know about this. So readers if you’d keep this under your hat I’d appreciate it. Anyway back to the story

I smiled and took off my kilt thing and shirt and smiled down at my still dry diaper. I walked over to my changing table an pulled a baby blue sleeper out of it and got dressed in it. I’ll say this. It was extraordinarily comfortable. I could wear it all day. I stretched and then walked over to my crib and got my saber tooth plushie. Bite. I also grabbed my paci and walked back out into the living room and turned on my entertainment center and decided to watch some cartoons. I love em. And I’m not the only one. Joseph likes em too. He’s one of the few that know about this but he’s cool. He told me this. “What ever makes this immortal like work for ya. Just go with what feels right. You got the right idea keeping childhood attitude close at hand.” So I did it to the best of my ability. I leaned back and switched off my bladder and bowl control. Yep a perk of being an immortal. I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed myself a bottle of chocolate milk and snuggled up on the couch like the toddler I appeared to be. I spent the next few hours giggling a Looney Toons while I sipped my bottle and dampened my diaper. After a little while I stood up and sighed contently at the feel of the wet diaper. I waddled to my kitchen and got a mini pizza for super. Once it was done I took it out to the living room to eat it. About an hour later I felt something siring in my rear and promptly messed my diaper. I love the feeling of one. I grinned as I felt the mess squish into the back of my diaper then spread covering most of my rump. Now this was heaven. A warm squishy diaper, a comfy sleeper, and great cartoons. After a while it got late and I grabbed a bottle of warm milk and headed back to my room. I love sleeping in a dirty diaper. I curled up in my crib with Bite and my warm bottle and before long I was out like a light. Sleeping like a baby.


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This Little Immortal Life.
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